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Adeo Screens

Adeo Screen 16:9 Plano-128 - Amber Grey

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Adeo Screen 16:9 Plano-128 - Amber Grey




One of the most annoying effects on vision is caused by light reflecting off the frame of the screen. Extensive research into the structure of the profile, both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view, has resulted in the creation of Plano, the screen equipped with a special aluminium frame, angular on the internal side. A solution designed to direct the reflection towards the outer edges of the screen instead of the projection surface or the audience.

The profiles can be painted black, or coated in a velvety flock finish, which totally absorbs light and enhances the perception of contrast in the projected images. Tensioning is provided by elastic cables which guarantee the perfect planarity of the canvas, preventing any risk of undulation.

The main applications of this product are in the Home Cinema sector; its use in the domestic environment is favoured by a harmonious design and by the installation system incorporated into the profile: the wall-mounted bracket slides into the back of the frame and disappears, ensuring the total adherence of the frame to the wall.


Standard Accessories:

Kit with wall- or ceiling-mount brackets
Kit containing: elastics, iron rods and sliders for the assembly of the surface
For the assembly of the frame: angles complete with screws and nuts