BOSE True Wireless In-Ear Sleepbuds II

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BOSE True Wireless In-Ear Sleepbuds II


Taking in feedback from Sleepbuds users, the Bose True Wireless In-Ear Sleepbuds II have been re-engineered to provide you with the best night of sleep possible. Among the improvements from the previous model, the Sleepbuds II use new materials that work to eliminate squeaking against a pillow and provide better wireless connectivity and charging.

They look similar to in-ear headphones, but the Sleepbuds II use sophisticated noise-masking technology to create soothing sounds to mask noises that keep you awake, such as a snoring partner or noisy neighbors. The improved battery gives you up to 10 hours of performance, with 3 additional charges available in the included storage/charging case.

The earbuds snap satisfyingly into the case via magnets to begin the charging process, and re-pair with your mobile device quickly once removed. When paired with your device, you can use the Bose Sleep app for iOS or Android to select from a library of 40 sounds that have been meticulously designed to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Due to the unique technology of the Sleepbuds II, the sounds provided by the Bose Sleep app are the only audio files that can be played to them. The sounds are downloaded directly to the earbud and the app includes other features, such as customizing settings and creating personalized wake-up alarms.

Sleep Sound Library

Noise Masking: These sounds are crafted to work in conjunction with the Sleepbuds II's noise-masking technology, helping to cover up noises such as, snoring, traffic, and conversations

Tranquilities: These sounds are made to help you fall asleep faster by getting you relaxed, removing stress, and calming your mind and body
Naturescapes: Select a sound from Mother Nature to sooth and comfort you as you relax into sleep

 App Settings
Set a timer in the app to slowly fade out sleep sounds so they don't play all night
Adjust sleep sound volume so you can still hear smoke alarms, children, pets & other important nighttime sounds

Design Features
Sweat- and water-resistant
Rounded edges for more comfort when wearing them throughout the night
Soft, silicone eartips designed to stay in place, even if you toss and turn

Additional Features
Phone-free mode
Passive noise reduction with snug eartips
Plays alarm automatically, even if your mobile device runs out of power
Notifies you of incoming calls as you sleep when Do Not Disturb is disabled on your device

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