Denon DCD-100 CD Player - Silver / Black

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Denon DCD-100 CD Player - Silver / Black


High quality, Design Series CD Player
Slot-in CD mechanism, supporting CD audio and MP3/WMA discs
Analogue and Digital Coaxial output
High-grade audio components and 32 bit/192kHz D/A converter
Easy-to-use remote control
Auto Standby and 0.1 W Stand-by power consumption

Best matching with Denon DRA-100 Network Receiver
Perfect sound from your music collection
Flexible outputs to connect to every Amplifier High-quality sound reproduction
Controls DCD-100 and DRA-100 as well
Efficient and energy conscious construction

Real Hi-Fi in an essential style
The Design Series is all about superb sound – and maximum style. Only with Denon’s sophisticated digital technology, and over a century of audio engineering expertise, has it been possible to combine all that performance with a compact and truly unique design. Look at the Design Series, and you’ll agree it lacks nothing, combining beauty and performance. Listen to the Design Series, and prepare to be amazed.

Originating from over 100 years of precise audio reproduction
For more than a century, we’ve been very serious about engineer- ing the perfect sound – that’s why, in the early years, we called our Hi-Fi products “precision audio components”. And our approach hasn’t changed since: it’s all about performance. With this in mind, we decided that, though our latest products should be compact, and with remarkably sleek styling, they should be true high fidelity components. In other words, they should be totally Denon. Intro- ducing the Denon Design Series: Real Hi-Fi For Today’s Lifestyles.

High Quality CD Player
The DCD-100’s delivers a wide dynamic range, brought to the outputs via precision tuned low-noise, low distortion circuitry. And it does all this not just with your favourite CDs, but also with MP3/ WMA tracks stored on data CDs. However you like your music, the DCD-100 is ready to deliver. With just one handset, you can control both, the DCD-100 and best matching Network Receiver DRA-100 for seamless operation, whether it’s playing your discs or dimming the display a little to match your mood. That’s what we call a smart design. A perfect stereo system for your modern living room.

Perfect match with DRA-100
Featuring the same high quality styling and finish, the DCD-100 is the perfect partner for the DRA-100 Network Receiver. The compact chassis features deluxe finishes including soft aluminum matte with bright silver tone accents and glossy and matte black surfaces. Simply connect both products via a digital cable, and you will enjoy superb audio fidelity.

High Resolution D/A Conversion
For connection to other audio components that do not have a digital input, the DCD-100 features a high quality D/A conversion block with 32-bit/192-kHz D/A converter that delivers wide dy- namic range, along with extremely low noise and distortion. A true upgrade to your existing stereo system.

Clear view OLED display with dimmer
The OLED display shows the CD’s total tracks and total time, as well as the track number and track time, and the song title, artist name and album name (depending on the disc), along with icons for random mode, repeat 1 and repeat all modes, and a folder icon for data discs.

Pure class elegantly designed
The Denon Design Series stands out, thanks to its combination of soft-look aluminium, bright silver tone accents and a mixture of glossy and matt black surfaces. Crisp OLED displays tell you all you need to know at a glance, using icons and text. And the DCD-100 and DRA-100 make a real statement in your living room.

Technical information
CD section
Channels - 2 channels stereo
Dynamic range - 100 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio - 105 dB

Total harmonic distortion - 0.004% (1 kHz, audible range)

Power supply - AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption - 10 W (Standby 0.1 W)
Dimensions (W x H x D) - 280 x 71 x 305 mm
Weight - 4.2 kg


OUT Analogue out (cinch)x1

Digital Coaxial out x1

Bose Range

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