Edifier AIRPULSE A300 Active Speaker System - Brown

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Edifier AIRPULSE A300 Active Speaker System - Brown

Designed with the same high-quality as their speakers, Edifier has created an affordable earphone that will leave you speechless. At a low cost, they still produce high quality sound with a strong bass. You’ll forget you’re listening to music on your earphones and not a speaker.

Designed with a copper-clad aluminum wire for a lighter feel, the H180 earphone is one of the best offerings of classic earphones from Edifier with a easy to fit form factor and modern style.

The H180 classic earbud style earphones are known to have a sound signature that's comparable to professional headphones that's several times higher than its price tag. The H180 produces a well balanced life-like sound that's not overemphasized nor lack in any frequency band.

160watt power output
Premium Hi-Res active speakers designed by Phil Jones.
Active bookshelf speaker - Hi-Res audio certified.
65mm aluminum ribbon tweeter.
6.5-Inch aluminum mid-woofer.
Built-in amplifier and receiver components.
IR remote control.
Tweeter unit : Horn loaded ribbon tweeter
Mid-woofer : 6.5 inch aluminum cone underhung
design neo. power mid-woofer
Amplifier system : Digtal amplifier with Xmos processor
Total power output : L/R(Treble)10W+10W
L/R(Woofer): 70W+70W
Frequency range : 40Hz-40KHz
Signal to noise ratio : ?90dB(A)
Input type : AUX/Balance Input/USB/Optical
Coaxial, Bluetooth

What's in the box
Passive Speaker, Active speaker,
Remote control, RCA audio cable,
Speaker connecting cable, USB connecting
cable, Fiber optic input audio cable,
Power cable, RCA to 3,5mm jack
plug, User manual

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