Edifier S50DB Hi-Res Audio Qualified Soundbar - Brown

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Edifier S50DB Hi-Res Audio Qualified Soundbar - Brown

Excellent Look and Feel The soundbar utilizes durable wooden materials for an outstanding sound. The wooden surface epitomizes unrivaled quality that the S50DB gives. Little Space Big Sound The Edifier S50DB soundbar is an ideal setup for any person who needs mind blowing sound with limited space. The S50DB has three unmistakable EQ modes including movies, music, and news.

This HiFi-level structure yields 88W of vitality. Different Connections The S50DB soundbar has two input sources one is an optical data and the other is coaxial. The other two are analog connections that would interface with TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray DVD players, and other sound sources. Attach a subwoofer with the subwoofer output. Aluminum Bass Each mid-range bass unit is 70mm and created utilizing an aluminium driver. Each unit has a twofold lead tube plot.

The mid-extend bass units give an astonishing execution in the low-repeat sound. Titanium Treble The tweeters of this unit give clear novel sound and HiFi multiplication. The titanium dome tweeters are sized at 19mm.

Totally Encompassed Soundbar Edifier's S50DB totally consolidated soundbar handles high bitrate sound. Sound flagging ranges up to 24Bit/192kHz, restoring wealthier sound detail and unadulterated trademark sound quality. Remote Control Control your soundbar framework from the comfort of your seat.

Change from various input sources, for instance, optical, RCA and Bluetooth from a press of a button. Control volume and playback from any Bluetooth source. Swap between three different EQ modes: music, movies, and news.

Active speaker system with 88W total power output.
AUX/Line in/Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial inputs.
Wooden enclosure for enhanced audio performance.
4×70mm (2 ¾") mid-range and bass Aluminium drivers.
2×19mm (3/4") titanium dome tweeters.
Three preset EQ modes: movie, music and news modes.
Digital amplifier with DSP technology.
LED display and IR remote control.
External subwoofer line-out.
High efficiency switching power supply.
Wall mount brackets included.
Power output : L/R(treble): 12W+12W
L/R(mid-range/bass): 32W+32W
Signal to noise ratio : ?85dBA (A)
Noise level : ?25dB (A)
Input sensitivity : AUX: 400±50mV
LINE IN: R/L:600±50mV
OPT/COA: R/L:350±50mFFS
Bluetooth: R/L:500±50mFFS
Frequency response : 55Hz-40KHz
Mid-range and bass : 2.75 inch (70mm)
Tweeter unit : ?19mm silk dome tweeter

What's in the box
Speaker, Optical Cable, 3,5mm - RCA
cable and adapter, Remote control,
Wall bracket, Screws, Manual

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