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EPOS EXPAND Capture 5 Intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms

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EPOS EXPAND Capture 5 Intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms



An intelligent speaker for all Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) systems on Windows, with a 7-beamforming microphone array. Advanced voice recognition and transcription capabilities provide an inclusive meeting experience as if all in the room together.


Key features

  • Enhance the Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) experience
  • Advanced voice recognition
  • 7-microphone array
  • Statement Scandinavian design
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy


Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms let you transform any meeting room into a spatially rich, video-powered collaboration space.

From small huddle rooms to large conference spaces, Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions create an inclusive meeting experience optimized for today’s hybrid workplace. By choosing a certified audio or video device with a native purpose built app for Teams customers are ensured an optimized meeting experience.

Select your Microsoft Teams Rooms solution and learn how EPOS devices can improve your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.

Enhance the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Enjoy all the Microsoft Teams functionalities, with enterprise-grade security. The premium speaker and beamforming microphone array deliver superb audio for all participants.

Boost productivity and engagement

All meeting participants can remain actively engaged by ensuring remote attendees can hear everything as if physically in room. Meet the reality of the hybrid workplace, unite colleagues effectively, and take your virtual meetings to the next level.

No more note-taking

 EXPAND Capture 5 uses advanced speech recognition to accurately capture transcription and attribution (who said what) of up to 10 people in the meeting room, even as they talk over each other. Up to 20 participants can be attributed and transcribed per meeting.


Enterprise-grade security

The voice signatures for each person enrolled in the EXPAND Capture 5 system are secured and private. They can be deactivated or deleted at any time by the IT Admin.

EPOS and Microsoft

EPOS has a longstanding partnership with Microsoft, working together on leading solutions for meeting rooms and office professionals. EPOS has worked closely with Microsoft to develop this first-of-its kind intelligent speaker, bringing premium audio to the Microsoft Teams Room experience.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Operating Temperature Range
0°C - 55°C
Storage Temperature Range
-20°C - 60°C

Microsoft Teams

Accessories included
USBCable, PowerSupply
Package weight (incl. Complete product and packaging)
910 g
Dimensions of product packaging (L x W x H)
193 mm x 252 mm x 66 mm
Dimensions of master carton (L x W x H)
411 mm x 296 mm x 364 mm
Units in distributor master carton

Product Dimensions
123 mm + 123 mm + 53 mm
Product height
53 mm
Cable length
2000 mm
402 g

Long Term-Reliability
2 years