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GRADO The Reference V2 Cartridge

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GRADO The Reference V2 Cartridge

Into The Woods

The Reference Series2 of wooden cartridges are hand-crafted at Grado Labs from a Australian Jarrah wood. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. This series generator/stylus module is not replaceable allowing a redesigned one-piece magnetic circuit and a reduction of chassis resonances. The Reference Series2 utilizes manufacturing and assembly techniques that result is musical perfection. The Reference Series2 should be used with only the finest equipment. Recommended tracking force 1.5 to 1.9 grams.


Output: 1mV @ 5 CMV
Controlled frequency response: 8 Hz – 70 KHz
Channel separation: avg. 45dB – 10 Hz – 30 KHz
Loading: 47,000 ohms
Inductance: 30 mH
Resistance: 72 ohms
Non-sensitive to capacitive load
Chasis mass: 10 grams
Tracking force: 1.5 – 1.9 grams


Fixed Coil Design
Hand-Crafted at Grado Labs in Brooklyn
Fantastic Accuracy and Precision
Four Reconfigured Coils
Boron Cantilever and a Diamond Cut to Grado’s Strict Specifications
Hand Assembled and Housed in an Australian Jarrah Wood Enclosure

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