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IPORT LUXE Wall Adapter Kit - Black

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IPORT LUXE Wall Adapter Kit - Black


Upgrade an existing LAUNCH install to the new LUXE line of products without having to repair the wall or surface. LUXE Wall Adapter Kit mounts directly to the existing anchors of LAUNCH WallStation allowing for a LUXE WallStation to be installed in its place.

The LUXE Wall Adapter Kit is manufactured with the same material and the LUXE Case, Base, and WallStation to provides a complete match when paired together. Use Wall Adapter Kit to cover and install a LUXE WallStation over a 1G box in an existing location and provide a clean elegant install of LUXE anywhere.


Channel Dana Commercial, Enterprise, Online, Residential, Retail
Industry Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality
Installation Application Wall
Product Brand IPORT
Product Category LUXE
Product Depth 0.16" (0.41 cm)
Product Height 0.16" (0.41 cm)
Product Weight 0.25 lbs. (0.11 kg)
Product Width 5.1" (12.95 cm)