M&K Sound V8 Subwoofer - White

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M&K Sound V8 Subwoofer - White



V also stands for Vindication, definitive proof of the right-ness of M&K Sound’s innovative ideas and vision as pioneers in the fi eld of subwoofers.

In the case of the M&K Sound V Series trio of ultra-compact subwoofers, it also stands for Validation of concept and execution. Following the extended research and development process that led to the groundbreaking M&K Sound X Series subwoofers, the all-new V Series draws heavily on knowledge and technology derived directly from that range of market leading, self-powered subwoofers.

Too often, music and movie lovers feel forced to choose between larger speakers that detract from the beauty and style of the living room and more compact models that seriously compromise the home entertainment experience. After introducing the satellite/subwoofer configuration more than 40 years ago, M&K Sound allows fi lm and music enthusiasts to have it both ways, combining attractive, compact high performance main speakers with handsome, compact subwoofers for decorator-friendly room integration.

The M&K Sound V Series offers exceptional flexibility of choice to suit any budget and room size: V8 with an 8” woofer and 150 Watts of built-in amplifier power, V10 with a 10” woofer and 250 Watts and V12 with a 12” woofer and 300 Watts. The clean lines and smooth, rounded edges of V Series subwoofers are available in elegant Black Satin or White Satin with matching grille cloth and will be a discrete, stylish addition to any living space.

V Series woofers are built on a stamped steel basket and incorporate a pulp cone, custom NBR (Nitril Butyl Rubber Suspension) surround, fiberglass dust cap and a newly designed motor system featuring an aluminum voice coil former and undercut, extended pole piece. The drive unit is capable of long, controlled excursion for extended deep bass with exceptional authority and precision.

Major design features borrowed from the top of the line M&K Sound X Series include aluminum AC shorting rings installed in the magnet system and a fl ared, vented pole design to effectively reduce compression and distortion. These devices make valuable contributions to the effortless bass transparency of the M&K Sound V Series. Sealed enclosures ensure exceptional transient response (a.k.a. fast, “punchy” bass) with minimal distortion.

The elimination of a port opening also enhances flexibility of placement for optimal deep bass performance. Again drawing on technology from the state of the art X Series subwoofers, V Series subwoofers are driven by Class D power amplifiers with fully discrete analog input stages ideally integrated with the enclosure, crossover and woofer.

V Series subwoofers feature a newly updated version of M&K’s proprietary Headroom Maximizer to provide gentle, non-invasive protection for exceptional dynamic capabilities that have made M&K Sound subwoofers world famous.

For extraordinary installation flexibility and system integration, V Series subwoofers incorporate continuous control of crossover frequency, phase (0 – 180 degrees) and output level. For ultimate convenience, V Series sub woofers are equipped with stereo line level inputs and outputs and a three-position Power switch. In addition to On and Off, an Auto position can turn the sub on automatically when a signal is detected and off again after a period without a signal


Frequency Response: 30-200Hz +/- 2dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% 150 watt, 4 ohm
AC Power Consumption: Standby/Average/Max 0,5/30/150W
AC Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 3,15A
LFE Input: L/R line level RCA
LFE Passthrough Output: L/R line level RCA
Lowpass Filters: 60–200 Hz Continuously variable
Phase: 0-180 deg : Continuously variable
Volume: Continuously variable
M and K V8 Compact subwoofer - Dimensions
Dimensions HxWxD: 13,3” x 10,3“ x 11,4” / 337 x 260 x 290 mm
Weight: 24,3 lbs / 11,0 kg

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