Onkyo PA-MC5501 9-Channel THX Amplifier

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Onkyo PA-MC5501 Channel THX Amplifier

Key Features
- THX Ultra2 Certified
- WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
- All-Analog Circuitry Unaffected by Digital Noise
- Audiophile Design and Components for High-Power Performance
- Discrete Output Stage Circuitry to Inhibit Audio Interference

Rather than simply offering raw power, the PA-MC5501 is engineered to deliver superior dynamic response and outstanding signal purity.
Onkyo's highly efficient push-pull amplification and WRAT suite work to minimize interference, stabilize the voltage, and boost the current across the unit's electrical system.
Components such as the toroidal transformer, large capacitors, and heavy-duty transistors are all designed to handle very high loads.
Audiophile-grade parts-such as gold-plated speaker posts and XLR inputs-are used throughout.
The result? Instantaneous response to signal gains, extremely low levels of distortion through the dynamic range, and the sort warmth and clarity only a top-shelf analog amplifier can provide.
Paired with a matching Onkyo pre-pro unit, the PA-MC5501's nine channels and bi-amping capability offer extraordinary set-up flexibility to bring you the ultimate in THX Ultra2-certified surround sound.

WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
The PA-MC5501 employs proprietary Onkyo technologies to ensure optimal audio performance.

Benefit 1:
Uncommonly Low Negative-Feedback Design- Get cleaner sounds on program peaks Although negative feedback (NFB) is a cheap way to reduce noise at lower frequencies, there is a price to pay in terms of audio quality: NFB can severely inhibit an amplifier's ability both to respond to large signal gains (for example, in a fortissimo passage) and to produce sound at high frequencies.
That's why the PA-MC5501 has a low-NFB design with audiophile-grade, closetolerance components at critical points in the signal path.
This design allows it to achieve a frequency response out to 100 kHz for high-resolution formats such as DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD, as well as for regular CDs, DVDs, and other music sources.

Benefit 2:
Closed Ground-Loop Circuits-Enjoy greater maximum volume without distortion If an amplifier's ground potential (voltage) fluctuates during playback, noise is likely to result.
In an open-loop circuit design, where all circuits are connected to the power supply via a single loop (as on many amplifiers), the noise is compounded.
To avoid this, the PA-MC5501 employs a sophisticated closed-circuit design in which each circuit has a separate link to the power supply-this helps to cancel individual circuit noise and keep the ground potential free of distortion.

Benefit 3:
HICC (High Instantaneous-Current Capability)- Experience audio with greater dynamics When an amplifier outputs an audio signal, the connected speakers accumulate energy, reflex, and send energy back to the amplifier.
The amplifier must then immediately cancel the speakers' reflex energy and instantaneously send out the next signal.
The same high current required to achieve this is also necessary to handle speaker impedance fluctuations, which can force an amplifier to provide four to six times its usual current load.
The PA-MC5501's instantaneous current capability ensures that audio output is not affected by power limitations.

Amplifier Section
- Power Output Front L/R
- 220 W/Ch (6 Omega, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 channel driven, IEC)

- 220 W(6 Omega, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 channel driven, IEC)
- Surround L/R
- 220 W/Ch (6 Omega, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 channel driven, IEC)
- Surround Back L/R 
- 220 W/Ch (6 Omega, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 channel driven, IEC)
- Front Wide L/R or Front High L/R
- 220 W/Ch (6 Omega, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 channel driven, IEC)
- Dynamic Power 400 W (3 Omega, Front)
- 300 W (4 Omega, Front)
- 180 W (8 Omega, Front)
- THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 0.05% (20 Hz-20 kHz, Rated power)
- Damping Factor 60 (Front, 1 kHz, 8 Omega)
- Input Sensitivity and Impedance 1 V/47 k Omega (Balanced)
- 2 V/22 k Omega (Unbalanced)
- Frequency Response 5 Hz-100 kHz/+1 dB, -3 dB
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio 110 dB (Unbalanced, IHF-A)
- Speaker Impedance 4 Omega-16 Omega or 6 Omega-16 Omega

- Power Supply: AC 220-240 V-, 50/60 Hz
- Power Consumption: 1,050 W
- Standby Power Consumption: 0.3 W
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 435mm x 198.5mm x 446.5mm
- Weight: 22.2kg

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 610mm x 337mm x 592mm
- Weight: 26.0kg

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