Philips AE2160 Portable Radio

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Philips AE2160 Portable Radio


Philips portable radio that works on mains and batteries. It has extended playing time and convenient controls so you can tune to news or music quickly and easily. Comes in a soft grey-blue to fit easily in any space.

300 hours battery life

FM/MW, Analogue tuning
Headphone jack
Battery or AC operated

Built-in speaker to enjoy radio out-loud in good sound
A speaker offers good sound quality for more pleasure.

Mains or battery operated for flexible placement
Power your Philips radio set with batteries or a direct mains supply, and enjoy great convenience and flexibility. When a power socket is not available or when you don’t want unsightly wires trailing, simply operate the set with batteries. When you need a continuous and stable power supply, connect the set directly to a wall socket. Now you can truly enjoy the freedom of listening wherever you like.

Stereo headphone jack for better personal music enjoyment
Connect your own headphones with this Philips device for a more personal listening experience whenever you want it. You can enjoy your favorite music in great sound without disturbing others by connecting your headphones to this device.

Technical Specifications

Sound enhancement
tone control
Sound system
Volume control
rotary (analogue)
Output power
300 mW RMS

Tuner bands



Bose Range

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