Pro-Ject Tuner Box S2 - Black

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Pro-Ject Tuner Box S2  


Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz (± 1dB)
Tuning Range FM 87.5 - 108.5MHz (50kHz Steps)
Programmable Presets 99
Noise Floor -50dB
THD 0.05% / Df 75kHz And F Mod 1kHz
Sensitivity 7dB/µV Mono, 17dB/µV Stereo, 75Ω
Antenna Input 1x Coaxial DIN-Socket (75Ω)
Outputs 1x Pair RCA/Phono Sockets
Power Consumption 70mA DC, <1W in standby
Dimensions (H x W x D) 37 mm x 103 mm x 112 mm
Weight - Unit 315g (Without PSU)

Inspired by the original Pro-Ject Tuner Box S, the Pro-Ject Tuner Box S2 is a compact FM tuner built for audio enthusiasts who want to easily integrate high-quality FM radio playback into their existing system in an unobtrusive way.

With an intuitive design, operation of the Pro-Ject Tuner Box S2 is effortlessly simple. Either manually or automatically search for stations, and then program your favourites into one of the 99 pre-set spaces. Recall of your preferred stations is achieved by selecting from your favourites with the supplied remote control.

The high-visibility display gives users all the information they could need, and is also dimmable so as not to be too distracting in the dark. 

The Pro-Ject Tuner Box S2 has a 12V trigger input and output, so it can turn on in tandem with other connected devices - such as the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analogue - for improved comfort and convenience. Power is provided by the included power supply, but you can upgrade your convenience further by switching to any 5V power bank. Housed within the improved S2 chassis, the overall build, convenience and performance of the Tuner Box S2 will suit radio fans everywhere.

Key Features:

Intuitive FM tuner source device

Advanced internal design for optimal fidelity

Informative display with "dim" light setting

RCA outputs for easy connection to an amplifier

75Ω FM antenna input

Included remote control

99 pre-set options

Manual or automatic scanning

Trigger input and output

Premium S2 chassis

Bose Range

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