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Sennheiser Pro

Sennheiser TV Clear Set - Black

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Sennheiser TV Clear Set - Black

TV will never be the same


TV Clear Set
Enjoy crystal-clear TV sound and speech at the volume you choose from lightweight True Wireless earbuds. Get 5 Speech Clarity levels, Ambient Awareness, and a super comfy fit — TV will never be the same.

Advanced Speech Clarity
Ambient Awareness
Comfortable fit for long sessions

Select one of five Speech Clarity programs to hear people on TV clearly
Play TV sound through your True Wireless earbuds while the TV loudspeaker is also on at whatever volume others choose
Connect with any TV via TV Connector transmitter or Bluetooth and also use with mobile devices for media streaming
Get up to 15 hours on a single charge  —  great for streaming fans.
Make hands-free calls on your mobile phone
Use Ambient Awareness to stay in touch with your surroundings while you watch
Forget you’re wearing them thanks to secure and comfortable fit
Pair as many Bluetooth earbuds with the connector at once as you please
Enjoy easy setup with the TV Clear App.

Hear everything clearly
With Sennheiser’s Speech Clarity technology, it’s easy to understand what people are saying on the TV.

Stay in touch with your surroundings
Use Ambient Awareness to hear what’s happening around you while you use TV Clear.

Forget you’re wearing them
True Wireless TV Clear earbuds give you complete freedom. And they’re super-comfy to wear.

Use them with all your devices
Connect the TV Clear earbuds to your TV with the transmitter or directly via Bluetooth to smart devices such as tablets, phones or laptops.

A marathon of clear sound
With long battery life and a convenient app, you get long sessions of listening tailored to your preferences.

What’s in the box
The TV Clear Set includes (1) lightweight (6.9g) True Wireless earbuds, (2) charging case, (3) additional ear adapters, (4) the transmitter, and all required cables.

The TV Clear App
In addition to adjusting key settings such as your Speech Clarity mode and Ambient Awareness, the free app lets you take full advantage of everything TV Clear has to offer.