SONY IFU-WLM3 USB wireless LAN module - Black

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Sony IFU-WLM3 USB wireless LAN module - Black


Connect wirelessly and project what’s on PCs and other portable devices in the room
Add the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity for simple, cable-free projection of documents, slide presentations, web pages, digital photos, graphics and more.

The tiny Wi-Fi module slips discreetly into the projector’s USB socket and requires no additional power source. With the provided software, you’re all ready to connect wirelessly and project whatever’s on your PC screen with no video cables required.

Using a free-to-download app, it’s also easy for colleagues and students to wirelessly present their own content stored on tablets, smartphones and other portable devices in the room. 

The IFU-WLM3 is compatible with wireless-ready Sony projectors.
Wi-Fi remote control for Sony camcorders
By attaching the IFU-WLM3 Wi-Fi adaptor, the user can control zoom, focus, iris and white balance as well as the recording functions, such as recording trigger, via a Wi-Fi enabled remote device such as an Apple iPad or Android mobile device.
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