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Sparkfox Essentials Travel Pack – Switch

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Sparkfox Essentials Travel Pack – Switch


Travel in style knowing that your Nintendo Switch is safe. The Sparkfox Essentials Travel Pack is a compact, protective pack for storing your Nintendo Switch as well as the accessories. Comfortably place your console and accessories in the main padded storage area, with additional storage space at the back of the pack to store your games.


Convenient carry case handle makes it simple to transport your Nintendo switch and accessories while travelling
2 Pullers provides ease of access to your games giving you years of protection
8 Built-in game card holders to keep your favourite games safe and secure at all times
Screen Guard and Cloth Included
Stereo Headset with an Aux Splitter Cable


Carry Case: Holds the Switch console and all essential accessories
Earphones: For listening to game audio
Splitter Cable: Allows 2 people to listen at the same time
Screen Protector: Protects the screen from scratches
Cleaning Cloth: To keep the screen clean