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Sparkfox Switch Play N Charge Grip

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Sparkfox Switch Play N Charge Grip


Sparkfox’s Play N Charge Grips for your Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con controllers prolong your game time with a built in rechargeable 500mAh battery. The Play N Charge Grips add unprecedented comfort and control to your gaming experience. They’re easy to fit and provide improved access to the Joy-Con’s top buttons thanks to the classic controller design.

The Play N Charge Grips boast high speed charging via Micro USB cable so that your downtime is reduced even further. If you enjoy being on-the-go with your Switch, then these are the grips for you.


Easy fitting for the Switch Joy-Con controllers
Improved access to top buttons
LED charge indicators
Comfortable grip for prolonged gaming sessions
High speed charging via cable


Built in 500 mAh batteries
Grip designed to resemble the classic controller
Grips included for both controllers