Velodyne Microvee 6.5 Inch Ultra-compact Powered Subwoofer - White Aluminium

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Velodyne Microvee 6.5 Inch Ultra-compact Powered Subwoofer - White Aluminium


Round out your sound system with deep, precise bass from the surprisingly small Velodyne MicroVee — their most compact subwoofer yet. Place this décor-friendly model on a low shelf, beneath a table, or in a corner.

The MicroVee may be physically unobtrusive, but you’ll hear powerful, room-filling low frequencies loud and clear, thanks to highly efficient 1,000-watt amplification. This sub’s driver and dual radiators account for its impressive output. And Velodyne’s exclusive Dynamic Driver Control System ensures linear woofer movement to greatly reduce distortion.


Versatile connectivity
Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect the MicroVee to just about any home audio system. You even get minijack connections for use with a computer, game console, or iPod® speaker system.


1,000-watt RMS Class D amplifier
6-1/2″ anodized aluminum front-firing driver with 2-layer copper voice coil
dual 6-1/2″ aluminum side-firing passive radiators
frequency response 38-120 Hz (±3dB)
Dynamic Drive Control System monitors linear cone movement for reduced distortion
adjustable 50-200 Hz low-pass crossover
crossover bypass switch
gold-plated line-level input can be used as LFE (low frequency effects) input
speaker-level inputs and outputs with 120 Hz high-pass crossover
minijack input and output
2-position phase control (0° and 180°)
volume control
auto power on/off
black extruded aluminum cabinet
9-1/8″W x 9-1/16″H x 10-13/16″D
weight: 20 lbs.


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