Velodyne SC1250E Series Amplifier - Black

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Velodyne SC1250E Series Amplifier - Black


A performance like nothing else
No compromises: Built directly into the wall, these bass wonders remain completely invisible despite impressive performance. Due to inconspicuous wall mounting, subwoofers of the SubContractor series are not seen but felt and heard from their acoustically optimal working environment. The uncompromising solution for professionals.

With its two-part closed cabinet and the newly developed T-shaped bass drivers, the SC-IW achieves an impressively deep and accurate bass response without causing the wall to vibrate. The enclosure disappears completely into the wall except for a narrow sound outlet. The SC-1250 system amplifier has ample reserves with up to 3000 watts of pulse power and can also effortlessly drive two subwoofer units.

External system power amplifier SC-1250 with 1250 watts RMS / 3000 watts impulse power for up to two SC-IW subwoofers

Automatic calibration with DSP; supplied measuring microphone phase adjustment

Overload protection and automatic switch-off


Amplifier Class AB 3000 watts dynamic
1250 watts RMS power
High Pass Crossover 80 Hz (6 dB / octave)
Low Pass Crossover 30 – 160 Hz, defeatable, 24 dB / octave slope
Phase 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Input Line and Speaker level
Output Line-level, 80 Hz up, speaker level for up to two subwoofers
Power Selector Off / Auto / On
Dimensions (W/H/D) 9 x 43,2 x 31,8 cm
Weight 13,5 kg

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