Velodyne SC600DE Series Amplifier

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Velodyne SC600DE Series Amplifier


With its two-part closed cabinet and the newly developed T-shaped bass drivers, the SC-IW achieves an impressively deep and accurate bass response without causing the wall to vibrate. The enclosure disappears completely into the wall except for a narrow sound outlet. The SC-1250 system amplifier has ample reserves with up to 3000 watts of pulse power and can also effortlessly drive two subwoofer units.

The innovative triple-vector design of the SC-600 IW ensures superior performance with minimal vibration transmission to the installation wall. The two 6.5-inch long-throw drivers work together with two passive diaphragms to achieve a total diaphragm area of a lush 14 inches. The system amplifier CS-600 D provides 400 watts of impulse power, while the sister model SC602 with 2 x 400 watts also helps two SC-600 IW subwoofers to peak performance.

External system power amplifier SC-600D (for one subwoofer SC-IW) or SC-602 (for two subwoofers SC-IW)
1 x 200 watts RMS /400 watts impulse power (SC-600D)
2 x 200 Watt RMS /400 Watt impulse power (SC-602)
Automatic calibration with DSP; supplied measuring microphone
phase adjustment
Overload protection and automatic switch-off

Amplifier Class AB 400 watts dynamic
200 watts RMS power
High Pass Crossover 80 Hz (6 dB / octave)
Low Pass Crossover 30 – 160 Hz, defeatable, 24 dB / octave slope
Phase 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Input Line and Speaker level
Output Line-level, 80 Hz up, speaker level for up to two subwoofers
Power Selector Off / Auto / On
Dimensions (W/H/D) 9 x 43,3 x 33 cm
Weight 8 kg

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