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Vogel's Next 7355 Full-Motion Motorized TV Wall Mount

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Vogel's Next 7355 Full-Motion Motorized TV Wall Mount


Ideal for OLED TVs

The viewing position can be adjusted at any moment, manually or with the app
Turns automatically when the TV is switched on and off
Up to 10 pre-programmable positions (via app)
Easily mounted: plug & play
Add automatic movement to turn your TV

The MotionMount by Vogel’s is a flexible TV wall mount that offers maximum usability. This motorised TV mount automatically turns towards you no matter where you’re sitting in the room and up to 120 degrees to the left or right. After you have turned on the TV, the MotionMount moves to your preset viewing position in one fluid motion.

When you turn the TV off, the screen and MotionMount gracefully move back against the wall. All without the need for an extra remote control. Even mounting and installing the MotionMount is very easy. Everything is plug & play: 1 plug in the outlet and it works!

Everyone can programme their own viewing position

You can gain access to additional options using the accompanying smartphone/tablet app, which is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The app allows you to set one or more viewing positions for everyone in the house, with a maximum of ten. The TV glides to the left or right, forwards or backwards with the greatest of ease!


Guarantee: Lifetime
Certifications: CE, CB
TÜV certified: Yes
Get Connected Product Design Award 2016
Goed Industrieel Ontwerp Award 2015
iF Product Design Award 2014
Plus X Product Design Award 2014
Red Dot Product Design Award 2014
Min. screen size (inch): 40
Max. screen size (inch): 65
Hole pattern (VESA)
200 mm x 200 mm
300 mm x 200 mm
300 mm x 300 mm
400 mm x 200 mm
400 mm x 300 mm
400 mm x 400 mm
500 mm x 200 mm
500 mm x 300 mm
500 mm x 400 mm
600 mm x 200 mm
600 mm x 300 mm
600 mm x 400 mm
Min. distance to the wall (mm): 72
Max. distance to the wall (mm): 720
Max. weight load (kg): 30
Turn: Motion (up to 120°)
Number of pivot points: 4
Colour: Black
Cable management: Cable velcro, Cable management integrated in arm, Cable fingers for cable management on the back of your TV
App Controlled: Yes
Guarantee on Electrical Parts: 2 years
Remote controlled: Yes
Motorized: Yes
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Product size: L
Automatic motion: Yes