Vogel's SONOS Play 3 Floor Stand - Black

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Get more out of your Sonos PLAY: 3

Integrate your Sonos PLAY: 3 speaker seamlessly into your interior design by placing it on a Vogel’s SOUND 4303 floor stand. With a height of 82 cm, the floor stand raises your speaker to ear level when you’re seated – which is where speakers sound best. Your speaker can be mounted horizontally or vertically to create the perfect Sonos listening position anywhere in the room. The Vogel’s floor stand provides secure support for your Sonos PLAY: 3 and comes in black or white to match the colour of your speaker. Installation is easy, thanks to a pre-assembled speaker interface and integrated extension power cord.

Place your speaker where it sounds best

With the Vogel’s floor stand, you get the flexibility to create the perfect listening position for your Sonos PLAY: 3 – anywhere in the room. Do you want to mount your speakers up high and out of the way? Then take a look at the Vogel’s wall mount for Sonos PLAY: 3. Vogel’s speaker wall mounts and floor stands are also available for Sonos PLAY: 1 speaker.


Easy mounting

Easy connect

Mounting material included

Stylishly conceals all your cables      

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