Vogel's PPC 1500 Projector ceiling mount - white

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Vogel's PPC 1500 Projector ceiling mount white 

The PPC 1500 projector mount is specially designed for the new generation projectors up to 15 kg. This projector interface is equipped with a unique fine tune adjustability for precise alignment with the projection surface. Once aligned, the projector stays in position.

Turning the special friction ring will eliminate all play from the interface connections, making the mount a stiff and very stable solution


Article number - 7015001
Colour - White
Roll - 15
Min. distance to ceiling (mm) - 124
Max. distance to ceiling (mm) - 124
Max. weight load (kg) - 15
Series - PPC Series
Turn - Up to 360°
Tilt - Tilt up to 15°
Range (diameter) - 30 - 337 mm
TÜV certified - Yes
Professional features - Fischer inside
Height options - Fixed height
Height range (mm) - 0 mm
Max. projector weight (kg) - Up to 15 kg
Ceiling plate options - Inclined (multi directional)


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