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Vogel's THIN 445 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

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Vogel's THIN 445 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


Mount your TV only 3,5 cm from the wall

Smoothly turn your TV up to 120°
Tilt (up to 20°) to avoid reflections
Install your mount perfectly level: spirit level included!
Use the app and mark the first drilling hole easily!
Extra-thin full motion TV bracket for large TVs
The THIN 525 full motion TV bracket has a maximum weight capacity of 25 kg. Almost any TV, from 40″ to 65″ (102-165 cm), can be mounted flat against the wall with the THIN 525. The maximum turning angle is 120° and the max. tilting angle is 20°. The distance from the wall is 35 mm.

Your TV moves in all directions

Mount your TV on the wall with an extra-thin THIN full-motion TV bracket for the best view of your TV from anywhere in the room. You simply turn the TV towards you and you’ll never again have to worry about annoying reflections. With the THIN full-motion wall mount, you can turn and tilt your TV to any desired position.


Red Dot Product Design Award 2018

Guarantee: Lifetime
TÜV certified: Yes
Product size: L
Colour: Black
Min. screen size (inch): 40
Max. screen size (inch): 65
Hole pattern (VESA)
100 mm x 100 mm
100 mm x 200 mm
200 mm x 100 mm
200 mm x 200 mm
300 mm x 200 mm
300 mm x 300 mm
400 mm x 200 mm
400 mm x 300 mm
400 mm x 400 mm
500 mm x 200 mm
500 mm x 300 mm
500 mm x 400 mm
600 mm x 200 mm
600 mm x 300 mm
600 mm x 400 mm
Min. distance to the wall (mm): 35
Max. distance to the wall (mm): 375
Max. weight load (kg): 25
Number of pivot points: 2
Turn: Motion (up to 120°)
Tilt: Tilt up to 20°