Founded in 2006.

Supplying products that help people neaten AV technology for over 17 years.

Proudly British.

We are an independent, employee-owned, privately-held company.


We are an active member the global industry association for smart home technology.





We make your living spaces smarter & neater.

Integrated, centralised, AV systems for premium installers.

We are a British manufacturer of a video & audio distribution systems called MHUB. These systems are integrated smart home devices which which hide tech clutter and cabling for neater living spaces and a better user experience.




MHUB Stack





Media, Music & Mood.

The most frequent interactions with technology in our homes tend to be for controlling TV, music and lighting.

In luxury homes, professionally installed integrated smart home systems automate separate technologies like audio-visual (AV), security, heating, lighting and shades into a simple, user-friendly control experience via touchscreens and remote controls throughout the property.

HDANYWHERE systems improve people’s everyday experience with technology in their living spaces with easy-to-use, professionally installed products, that a broader market can access.



Media,music and mood example in a living room





Our smart move is a smart remote control.

Every market leading control system brand’s centrepiece is a remote control. Apps, keypanels and voice are used, but remotes are king. They are the most-used interface between human and the technology in their home to control the TV, audio and lighting automation. A key element in every integrated smart home system, the uControl Remote is HDANYWHERE’s answer to meeting the consumer need for a moreaffordable universal remote control.




The Everyday Smart Home 


 Full AV control.

Universal control of your TV and all the devices connected to it.


Hi-Fi audio everywhere.

Listen to either TV or music audio from any speakers.


Lighting & blinds.

Control your lights, shades and blinds from one interface.



Some Of the Products We Keep:




Your HDA Home

A HDMI matrix, sometimes called a HDBaseT matrix, enables you to centralise AV devices so that they’re hidden away, creating neater, less-cluttered living spaces - everyone else refers to their systems by their technical name. Here, a HDMI or HDBaseT matrix is called MHUB. With MHUB, entertainment throughout your home becomes a more unified experience with consistent content and common control in every room.

Loewe Bild TV and MHUB PRO (8x8) 


The MHUB for every home

MHUB U has been designed for those who want smarter, neater, living spaces and comprehensive control, all from one system. Designed to accommodate everything from apartments to large homes, with a transmission range of up to 40m, supporting 18G throughput (for the very best picture quality), the MHUB U offers unrivalled functionality and unbeatable value for money.

 MHUB (6x6) 100A product shot





The stackable AV matrix.

More affordable and easier than AV over IP, MHUB S is HDANYWHERE's complete solution for big AV + control projects.
By stacking 10 MHUB S you get 80 zones of video with uControl

 MHUB S gallery




For Pros Who Care

We dreamt up the dream matrix.

Designed for uncompromising AV professionals who don’t have time to find workarounds or accept compromise. With perfect-plug-n-play, MHUB PRO 2.0 is next-level matrixing.


Multi Zone Matrix Amp (6x4) 55

The new Multi Zone Matrix Amplifier (MZMA) offers 8 channels of power in a space-saving 1U amplifier, delivering room-to-room high-quality audio in up to 4-zones.

 MHUB PRO 2.0 and MZMA working together in a stack



XTND: HDMI extenders

Extend the range of any HDMI device up to 150m (492ft) away with our range of XTND HDMI extenders.



4K and 8K HDMI Cables

Watching great TV or gaming on the very best setup starts here with our range of Premium 4K and Ultra High Speed 8K HDMI Cables.

 HDANYWHERE 4K and 8K HDMI Cables. Watching great TV or gaming on the very best setup starts here.


Signal Management

Signal manipulation and conversion devices to manage downscaling and downmixing of various media format types.




Zone Processors

Use uControl or send commands from your control system to the Zone Processors to control your AV device over WiFi or LAN.





This is the...


Everyday Smart Home.

uControl is a smart home system that focuses on the things you do in your home everyday. From enjoying your favorite TV shows, immersing yourself in music or effortlessly changing the lighting to suit your mood, all from one unified, universal and unintimidating interface.


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