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IsoTek EVO3 Super Nova AC Power Conditioner

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IsoTek EVO3 Super Nova AC Power Condtioner

EVO3 Super Nova is the most sophisticated (passive) front-end source component power cleaning system IsoTek has developed so far. Unlike some power clean concepts the EVO3 Super Nova not only adjusts to the connected load, it creates the ultimate barrier to differential mode noise cross-contamination and is designed for primary components that typically have a constant current draw, thus CD Players, Music Servers, DACs, Pre-Amplifiers, Phono stages etc.


  • Suitable for high-end audio or AV systems source components
  • RFI reduction 80dB
  • Optimised power cleaning circuits Removes Common and Differential Mode mains noise
  • Independent outlets for source components
  • 900’000A instantaneous protection, 112’500 for each output
  • Fully star-earthed network
  • Solid core Ohno Continuous Cast copper silver-plated internal wiring with FEP virtual air dielectric
  • Unique ISIS© isolation system
  • Supplied with IsoTek’s award winning EVO3 PREMIER POWER CABLE
  • UK, EU, US, AU & CH outlets available