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Geezer Buttler Signature Pedal of Doom with dual VU switchable dual EQ and switchable drive.
Discover 'The Pedal of Doom,' a meticulously crafted bass distortion pedal born from 18 months of passionate internal discussions and inspired by the legendary Geezer Butler. At its core, this pedal revolves around the power of EQ control. With an active 5-band EQ and the ability to shape your drive's pre-EQ, you have the freedom to sculpt two distinct tones, each with its individual character and harmonics.

Geezer Butler's influence is palpable in every detail, from the groove of 'Hand of Doom' to the transformative qualities of his music. 'The Pedal of Doom' allows you to capture that spirit, giving you the control to punch in those rich harmonics precisely when you need them. This pedal is your key to summoning the sound of doom at a moment's notice.

Designed and Engineered in the heart of Essex, it features an onboard transformer isolated DI output and two switchable EQs. Dual VU meters ensure your bass signal remains perfectly balanced throughout the signal path, letting you fine-tune the EQ to match your instrument's output. Say goodbye to unwanted gain jumps and hello to consistent, powerful tones.

And of course, it wouldn't be 'The Pedal of Doom' without the ability to dial in just the right amount of gain. Whether you crave subtle distortion or a full-on wall of sound, this pedal has you covered. It's the result of countless requests for a Geezer Butler preamp pedal based on the Head of Doom, and we're thrilled to present it today.

Before its release, we sent the pedal to Geezer for approval, and his response speaks volumes: "This is without a doubt the best sounding and engineered pedal I have ever played, and with my amp, it truly has the sound of doom I live for."


Bring the DOOM!
Dial in an overdrive so awesome you'll have to be careful you don't summon the End of the world!

Dual EQ to shape the tone of both channels. Each side includes separate Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid and then there's a shared treble. Each EQ is switchable.
The Pedal Of Doom comes with a Pro balanced DI output to connect to Front of house or any line level input.


Power Requirement - 9-18v External Power Supply Centre Pin Negative
EQ - 4-band EQ, bass, low-mid, hi-mid and treble
H x W x D (mm) - 60 x 180 x 120
Weight (kg) - 1.2