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The Ashdown Studio 8 - the game-changer for bassists seeking both portability and un-compromised tone. Weighing an astonishingly low 6.1kgs (13.4lbs), the Studio 8 is meticulously crafted to be lightweight and travel-friendly, without sacrificing the heavyweight Ashdown sound.

This sleek Studio 8 pumps out 30 watts of Ashdown's signature premium tone, courtesy of its custom-designed 8" speaker. It's a powerhouse of sound in a compact package. Equipped with essential features such as a 3-band EQ, headphone out, and Line In, this versatile combo is a must-have for bassists who demand great tone on the move.

With heavy-duty tolex and chrome metal corners, the Studio 8 not only sounds great but also looks stylish and is built to last. Straight out of the box, this amp delivers that warm yet articulate Ashdown sound you love, with the EQ set at 12 o'clock.

Constructed using super lightweight poplar ply and an 8" speaker, the Studio 8 ensures you cut down on weight without sacrificing your tone. It's the perfect choice for the modern bassist seeking both portability and premium sound quality.


Heavy duty tolex and chrome metal corners will keep the Studio 8 protected and looking stylish for years to come.

The Studio 8 has everything you need to establish great tone straight out of the box, with the EQ set at 12 O’clock the NEW Studio Range sounds as you would expect from an Ashdown, warm yet articulate.

Constructed using super lightweight poplar ply and a lightweight 8" speaker the Studio 8 really does cut the weight but not the tone.



Weight - 7.2kgs (15.8lbs)
Size(mm) H-381 W-362 D-228
3 Band EQ - Bass, Middle, Treble
1 x 8" Ashdown Speaker

Line Input
Headphone Out
Line Mix Control
Speaker Mute Switch