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Meet the ANT, Ashdown's revolutionary pedalboard bass amp. Packed with 250 watts of Ashdown's signature bass power, this compact marvel is your ticket to consistent tone and reliability on any stage. Designed for bassists who rely on pedals, modelers, and effects processors, the ANT offers versatile tone sculpting with its 3-band EQ and shape pre-set.

What sets the ANT apart is its adaptability. It effortlessly adjusts its power requirements from 110v to 240v, ensuring that you can plug and play anywhere in the world. The balanced XLR DI out lets you connect directly to the sound desk, while the headphone out facilitates silent practice between gigs.

Weighing just 900 grams and constructed entirely from aluminium, the ANT punches well above its weight and is more than capable of holding its own alongside any drummer. The combination of the 3-band EQ and Ashdown Shape control provides a warm, articulate, and dynamic sound that can be fine-tuned to your preferences.

Whether you prefer to run it flat with your pedalboard or tweak your tone on stage or at the front of the house with the onboard transformer-balanced DI output, the ANT delivers. It even includes a -10dB passive/active pad to handle high-output basses or signal processors.

For silent practice at home or on the road, the ANT has you covered with its onboard headphone preamp. So, pack your bass and pedalboard, and enjoy an ultra-portable setup at your next gig.

As with its namesake The Ant punches well above its weight/size of only 900 grams (W: 209mm D: 120mm H: 63), capable of carrying any drummer....

Made entirely from aluminium The Ant is fabricated to be durable yet weigh nothing.

The 3 band EQ and trusty Ashdown Shape is warm, articulate and dynamic when used in conjunction with one another, a large array of tones can be achieved...

Or just set it flat and plug in your pedal board or profiling system and away you go with the option to tailor your tone on stage or at front of house with the on board Transformer balanced Di output.

A -10dB passive/active pad is available on the front end to tame those high output basses or signal processors...

Silent practice? No worries The Ant has you covered with a handy on board headphone pre amp for use at home or on the road when a little quite practice is required...



Weight: 900g
Size: H: 63mm W: 209mm D: 120mm
Power at 4 Ohms: 196 watts RMS
Power at 8 Ohms: 140 watts RMS
Mains Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz