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AudioQuest NRG-Y3 Power Cord

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AudioQuest NRG-Y3 Power Cord


Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and Silver-Plated Drain Wires

Noise-Dissipation: Quiet Background and Minimal Circuit Misbehavior Due to Direction-

Controlled Conductors and Shields

ZERO Tech (No Characteristic Impedance) for Uncompressed Current Transfer

THE CHALLENGE: No matter how perfect an AC power source, distortion is added within any AC cable. Even the most sophisticated filters and power supplies cannot eliminate this Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM) as the induced RF noise modulates the low-level audio/video signal.

THE SOLUTION: NRG-Y3 cables use direction-controlled Long-Grain-Copper (LGC) strands in a Semi-Solid Concentric conductor arrangement in which strands are packed more tightly and never change position within the bundle. This construction significantly reduces strand interaction distortion. The greater purity and less complicated grain structure within LGC copper further reduces distortion.