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beamZ Mini 4 Head Moon Clear LED

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beamZ Mini 4 Head Moon Clear LED

A clear housed multi-flower light effect with 4 LED lens. Ideal for any starting DJ or entertainer, plug and play design. Because of the transparent housing the effect will not only project its beams on the dance-floor but also illuminate itself. The effect works both on a stand-alone automatic mode or can be set to sound activation. Both these settings can easily be changed with the supplied infrared remote control.

Consumption: 40W
No. of LEDs: 132 (24x Red, 36x Green, 36x Blue, 36x Amber)
Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Amber
Power supply: 220V~240Vac / 50Hz
Dimensions: 230 x 375 x 120mm
Weight: 1.2kg

132x RGBA LEDs
6x Red, 9x Green, 9x Blue, 9x Amber LEDs per lens
IR remote control
Transparent housing for extra effect
Pre programmed shows
Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
Auto mode with adjustable speed