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beamZ Rage 1500 LED Smoke Machine with Timmer Controller

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beamZ Rage 1500 LED Smoke Machine with Timmer Controller

The Rage 1500LED is a powerful 1500W DMX smoke machine with 6x 9W 3-in-1 (RGB) built-in LEDs producing a stunning, sparkling and colourful light show. With fabulous smoke emissions, making it perfect for various premises, like large venues, on stages, etc. Equipped with a wired remote control (LCD with 3m cable) as well as with a wireless remote control, a high quality heating element and a built-in big reservoir (3,5 liters!) for smoke fluid.

Heating element: 1500W
Tank capacity: 3.5L
No. of colours: RGB
No. of LEDs: 6x 3W
Power supply: 240Vac / 50Hz

1500W smoke machine with 3-in-1 LEDs
A high illuminated column of smoke
LCD remote control with timer function
Red, Green or Blue LED colour control by DMX or stand alone
Digital display to set DMX functions and stand-alone settings easy
3500ml smoke fluid tank
Wired remote control, cable length 4m