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Blackstar Debut 50R Guitar Amplifier - Black & Cream (Each)

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Blackstar Debut 50R Guitar Amplifier - Black & Cream (Each)


Key Details:

50 Watt combo
2 Channels – Clean + Overdrive
Patented ISF tone control
50W – 5W power reduction
‘Plate’ and ‘Hall’ reverb options
Line In for jamming along or listening to music
Speaker emulated Line Out for ‘silent’ practice or recording
1×12″ custom-designed speaker, producing true Blackstar tones
Series effects loop
Playback of Line In sources through headphones
Dual footswitch control for channel switching and enabling/disabling Reverb
Compatible with any 2-button latching footswitch (available separately)


Sound Like A Pro From The Get-Go

The Debut 50R is a simple and elegant, no fuss all-analogue alternative to entry level digital modelling amplifiers. Ideal for pedal players, the Debut 50R focuses more on tone and usability rather than unwanted “bells and whistles”. This versatile amp is perfect for guitar players of all levels, whether jamming in a bedroom, practicing in a small room, or performing on stage. Featuring authentic valve-like tones all engineered using MOSFET technology, the Debut 50R will make you sound like a pro from the get-go.

Groundbreaking MOSFET Design

Blackstar’s exclusive MOSFET preamp design creates an authentic, accurate valve-like tone within a light, analogue format. This design has been based off our award-winning higher-end valve amplifiers.

A Gigging Workhorse

Perfect for the player doing their first show, or for a more experienced guitarist looking for great tone and a solid pedal platform for weekly pub gigs. The Debut 50R has all the tone and power you could need.

The Features You Need

The features have been carefully selected to cover all an aspiring guitarist’s practise and gigging needs: 2 footswitchable channels, our patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone control, power reduction down to 5 Watts, series effects loop and custom-voiced digital reverb with Plate and Hall options.

Clean & Overdrive Channels

2 footswitchable channels (2-way footswitch sold separately), both based off Blackstar’s award-winning valve products. The clean channel is voiced around the HT-20R MKII with a “Bright” switch and tonnes of headroom. The overdrive channel is voiced around the St. James 6L6 which can achieve everything from blues and classic rock, all the way through to metal tones. Great valve tone recreation has been at the core of the design of the Debut 50R.

Silent Practice

When you need to cut the volume, hook yourself up to the Debut 50R’s headphone/recording output with the incredibly detailed, natural speaker simulation. The Debut 50R’s convenient headphone/recording output simulates the tonal characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet, providing organic tones for silent practice or direct home recording.

Power Reduction

The Debut 50R now has a power reduction switch from 50W down to 5W allowing you to play at lower volumes without sacrificing any of the tone.

Footswitchable Channels

Dual Footswitch control for channel switching between clean and overdrive and enabling/disabling Reverb, allowing for great versatility with your tone all with a 2-way footswitch (sold separately).

Music Playback

Plug in your phone, tablet or audio device and jam along to your favourite tracks through the Debut 50R’s speakers.



SPEAKER: 1 x 12"
CHANNELS: Clean and Overdrive
CONTROLS: Clean Volume, Clean Bright switch, Overdrive switch, Overdrive gain, Overdrive volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF, Reverb switch, Reverb level, Power reduction
EFFECTS: Reverb (Plate/Hall)