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Blackstar FS-12 Foot Controller (Each)

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Blackstar FS-12 Foot Controller (Each)



The BLACKSTAR FS-12 Foot Controller is a versatile and compact accessory designed to provide easy access and control over the features of the ID:CORE 100 and ID:CORE 150 amplifiers. This multi-function footcontroller features a durable aluminum body with a large dot matrix display, ensuring visibility and ease of use during performances. With the FS-12, users can navigate through all 36 patches of their ID:CORE amplifier, access a fully chromatic tuner, and control various effects and functions with precision.



Compact and durable aluminum body for reliability and portability

Large dot matrix display for clear visibility of tuner and patch details

Extension socket for connecting the FS-13 2-button footcontroller (included with ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150)

Two user-configurable function switches for versatile control over effects and amp functions

Programmable via Blackstar INSIDER software for personalized configurations

Provides control over modulation, delay, reverb effects, tap tempo, looper functionality, effects loop, and super wide stereo

Noise gate control for managing unwanted noise during performances



Compatibility: ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150 amplifiers
Construction: Aluminum body
Display: Dot matrix display
Connectivity: Extension socket for FS-13 footcontroller
Function Switches: Two user-configurable switches