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Blackstar ST. JAMES 50 EL34 COMBO Guitar Valve Amplifier - Fawn (Each)

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    Blackstar ST. JAMES 50 EL34 COMBO Guitar Valve Amplifier - Fawn (Each)


    Key Details:

    Ultra-lightweight 50 Watt combo (12.8kg)
    2 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
    Two footswitchable channels
    Footswitchable Channel II Boost (‘top boost’)
    50W / 2W / Sag power reduction
    Master Volume
    Digital Reverb
    Effects loop with effects level switch
    USB audio output
    Cab Rig advanced DSP cabinet simulator
    XLR D.I. output
    Exclusive 1×12″ Celestion G12Z-70 ‘Zephyr’
    16 Ohm custom-designed, lightweight speaker
    Cab Rig advanced DSP cabinet simulator
    Footcontroller included
    Stunning boutique look including illuminated logo


    Let There Be Light

    When it comes to tone and that all-important ‘feel’ factor, great valve amps rightfully remain the ‘gold standard’. The trouble is that great ones capable of delivering 50 Watts or more are all back-breakingly heavy. Until now… enter St. James Series – the lightest 50 Watt valve guitar amps on earth.

    Uncompromising Sound

    Hundreds of hours of critical listening against the most revered amplifier references mean St. James raises the sonic benchmark again. In addition to the obvious tonal differences between EL34 and 6L6 power valves, both of the St. James designs are honed to their own particular use case. The St. James EL34 is the amp for Classic tones combining world-class British Crunch and jaw-dropping, very US-sounding Cleans. The 6L6 version has the same clean headroom, but this is coupled with Blackstar’s highest gain Overdrive circuit to date.

    Studio Ready

    St. James amps are packed with cutting-edge features to deliver class-leading recording performance. From 50W, 2W and SAG switchable power modes, to an inbuilt reactive load that routes the post-power valve output signal to the amp’s three direct recording outputs (XLR, Stereo Line-Out and USB) for truly authentic ‘amp-in-a-room’ feel. This is then passed through our state-of-the-art and fully customisable CabRig™️ DSP speaker simulator.

    Pro Connectivity

    With more musicians recording at home, or playing on silent stages, St. James is perfect for the way we play today, with USB audio connectivity for pro-recording and an XLR D.I. for professional live use, both using the inbuilt reactive load and CabRig DSP speaker simulation.

    Revolutionary Speaker

    We worked closely with Celestion to develop the unique Zephyr lightweight ferrite speaker. The Zephyr accurately emulates the rich sound and performance of Celestion’s iconic “Vintage 30” speaker at a fraction of the weight – and this is achieved with a traditional ferrite magnet not a neodymium one.

    Lightweight With No Compromise

    Candlenut plywood is used for strength and lightness and its beneficial acoustic proprieties, creating a roadworthy cabinet that sounds great and won’t let you down.

    Universal Voltage

    The St. James range uses highly efficient, lightweight power transformers designed around modern SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) technology. More than 3 years of intense R&D have delivered all the benefits of SMPS, namely lightweight and universal voltage compatibility, whilst retaining the sound and feel of a traditional iron-core transformer. The resulting revolutionary transformer technology is patent pending.



    POWER: 50W
    SPEAKER: 1x 12" Celestion Zephyr
    VOICE/BOOST: Boost
    EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble
    REVERB: Yes
    USB AUDIO: Yes
    SERIES EFFECTS LOOP: Yes (With Level Switch)
    FOOTSWITCHABLE: Yes (Included 2-Way Footswitch)
    TOLEX: Fawn
    VOLTAGE: 90V to 264V 50/60Hz
    WEIGHT (KG): 12.8
    DIMENSIONS (MM): 535 x 462 x 259