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Bowers & Wilkins 703 S3 Floorstanding Speakers - pair - Gloss White

Bowers & Wilkins 703 S3 Floorstanding Speakers - pair - Gloss White


The 703 just got even better

Often, a new version of a familiar speaker will involve upgrades that are difficult to see. The Bowers & Wilkins 703 S3 has an obvious improvement over earlier versions — the 1" Decoupled Carbon Dome™ tweeter in a top-mounted, solid-body housing was formerly reserved for the company's top-of-the-line flagship floor-stander, the 702. Improved accuracy and detail for high frequencies is a huge value-add for this speaker.

Bowers & Wilkins also upgraded the midrange design. The 6" Decoupled Continuumâ„¢ cone FST (Fixed Suspension Transducer) driver now benefits from the company's Biomimetic Suspension, a design which does away with the traditional fabric woofer "spider," which can introduce midrange inaccuracy. This advanced driver also features midrange decoupling technology to minimize interference from the hard-hitting dual 6-1/2" Aerofoilâ„¢ Profile bass woofers.

And if that's not enough, there's now a gorgeous new mocha finish option.

Flowportâ„¢ for better bass

The bass cones are aided by Bowers & Wilkins' Flowport technology. The 703's bass reflex enclosure features a rear-firing, dimpled and flared port that provides natural bass response without the turbulent "chuffing" that standard ports can create. The speaker includes a two-piece foam plug that can be inserted if you want to adjust bass response to your liking.

A rich history of audio excellence

Founded in England in the 1960s, Bowers & Wilkins is known worldwide for their innovative hi-fi speaker designs and their premium headphones. Crutchfield is proud to offer a diverse selection of products from this legendary audio brand.


3-way, 4-driver design
1" Decoupled Carbon Domeâ„¢ tweeter in top-mounted solid-body housing
6" Decoupled Continuumâ„¢ cone FST (Fixed Suspension Transducer) midrange driver
Biomimetic Suspension does away with inaccuracies that can be caused by a traditional fabric woofer "spider"
midrange decoupling minimizes interference from bass drivers
dual 6-1/2" Aerofoilâ„¢ Profile bass woofers
frequency response: 46-28,000 Hz (±3dB)
bass-reflex cabinet with rear-firing Flowportâ„¢
sensitivity: 90 dB
impedance: 8 ohms
recommended amplifier power: 30-200 watts
dual pairs of gold-plated binding post speaker terminals allow bi-amp/bi-wire configurations
includes a 2-piece foam port plug for adjusting the speaker's low-frequency performance
removable grille is magnetically attached
included plinth and carpet spikes provide added stability


11-7/16"W x 44-7/16"H x 14-5/8"D (including tweeter and plinth)
weight: 63.5 lbs.