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Sennheiser IE 100 PRO 1.3m In-Ear Monitoring Headphones - Red

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Sennheiser IE 100 PRO 1.3m In-Ear Monitoring Headphones - Red


Successor to the popular IE 40 PRO, the clear Sennheiser IE 100 PRO In-Ear Monitoring Headphones offer musicians, DJs, and sound engineers an accurate listening experience and high wearing comfort when performing live, producing in the studio, or as an everyday companion. Suitable for the rigors of stage use, these rugged earphones feature a 4.3' detachable straight cable with a 3.5mm jack compatible with wireless IEM bodypack receivers, mixers, headphone amplifiers, and mobile devices.

The IE 100 PRO's 10mm single dynamic drivers deliver a wide 20 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response and a well-rounded, warm sound that's powerful and nuanced, even on loud stages. Whether used at low or high sound-pressure levels (up to 115 dB SPL), your audio remains distortion-free and clearly defined—reducing ear fatigue during long performances.

The compact housings are light (at 5.6 oz) and feature an ergonomic earmold design with a flat profile that provides a secure fit and comfort during extended use. The included pair of medium-size foam ear adapters adds up to 26 dB of passive noise attenuation, keeping extraneous sounds out and allowing you to focus on your music.

The IE 100 PRO is also supplied with three pairs of silicone ear adapters, a cleaning tool, and a soft protective pouch.

Single Dynamic Driver for Well-Rounded and Powerful Sound
The IE 100 PRO is engineered with a 10mm dynamic single-driver design. The frequency range does not have to be split up into frequency bands as with multi-driver earphones. Distortion, phase problems, and dissonances in the inner ear are greatly reduced (or eliminated), resulting in a harmonious and powerful sound.

Safe Monitoring, Less Fatigue
For safe monitoring on loud stages, the IE 100 PRO provides up to 26 dB of passive noise attenuation, reducing ear fatigue and allowing you to clearly hear your music without distracting ambient noise. This is achieved by using the pair of medium memory foam ear adapters, which expand to perfectly fit your ear canal—ensuring perfect acoustic sealing with the added benefit of enhanced bass reproduction.

Long-Wearing Comfort
The IE 100 PRO's compact design permits a lightweight construction, which, thanks to the accompanying silicone and memory foam adapters, can be individually adjusted to fit you perfectly.

Reliable, Stage-Proof Cable
The IE 100 PRO comes with a black 4.3' detachable, straight Y-cable that features reinforced ear hooks. A proprietary cable ducting with the connection inside the ear mold reduces risk of cable breaks. For a more discreet look, you can substitute the Y-cable with the IE PRO Mono Cable, a one-sided mono cable (available separately).

Key Features

Precise In-Ear Monitoring
10mm Dynamic Single-Driver Design
Up to 26 dB of Passive Noise Attenuation
4.3' Detachable Straight Cable