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cudy 30W Gigabit PoE+ Injector

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cudy 30W Gigabit PoE+ Injector


The Cudy POE200 30W Gigabit PoE+/PoE Injector allows you to easily supply power and data to a single PoE device. It features a Gigabit Ethernet input port and a Gigabit PoE output port. It’s a great option for small surveillance systems or a VOIP phone or a WiFi AP.

The 2 port switch supports 30W total PoE power on the PoE output port. It complies with IEEE802.3af/at Standard speeds for great performance. The Injector is powered by an AC power adapter and can be easily mounted to a wall.

Used for many applications the Cudy POE200 works with IP Cameras for home, office or small businesses. It also works well with VoIP phones for business conferences and WiFi APs for the office and businesses. Its simple plug and play interface makes it incredibly easy to use.

Up to 30W Power Supply
Supports 10/100/1000 Base-T applications
LED indicators power input and PoE output
Internal AC/DC converter no need for an external power brick
Easy plug-and-play installation

No. of channels: 1
Pass-Through Data Rates: 10/100/1000Mbps
Power over Ethernet Output:
Pin Assignment and Polarity: 1/2 (-), 3/6 (+)
Output Power Voltage: 54Vdc
User Port Power: 30W max
Input Power Requirements:
AC Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC
AC Input Current: 0.5A 100-240 VAC
AC Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
System Indicator: AC Power
User Indicator: Channel Power
Connectors: Shielded RJ-45, EIA 568A and 568B
Over-current protection
Over-load protection
Over-voltage protection
Anti-interference protection
Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 5 x 3.6 cm

Cudy POE200 30W Gigabit PoE+/PoE Injector – Black x1
Power Adapter x1