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cudy Single Mode 1.25G LC Bi-Directional SFP 20km

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cudy Single Mode 1.25G LC Bi-Directional SFP 20km


Cudy’s CD-SFP-SMB is your answer for efficient and cost-effective single-mode fibre deployments! These bi-directional modules redefine connectivity standards with a powerful design optimised for 1.25 Gbps transmission over distances of up to 20km.

The CD-SFP-SMB modules are sold as a pair and feature a smart SFP package with LC connectors, ensuring cross-vendor compatibility. What distinguishes them is their novel application of bi-directional technology, which enables duplex transmission on a single fibre by utilising two distinct wavelengths for TX and RX on the same optical strand. This not only improves performance but also significantly lowers installation costs.

Choose between the SM100GSB-20A with a 1310nm FP laser and a 1550nm PIN photodetector or the SM100GSB-20B with a 1550nm DFB laser and a 1310nm PIN photodetector to meet your specific requirements.

These modules provide dependable performance because they are powered by a single +3.3V power supply and have an LVPECL-compatible data input/output interface. The CD-SFP-SMB provides a strong and secure connection thanks to its low EMI and excellent ESD protection. These modules prioritise environmental sustainability while adhering to RoHS and SFF8472 standards.

SFP package with LC connector
SM100GSB-20A: 1310nm FP Laser and 1550nm PIN photodetector
SM100GSB-20B: 1550nm DFB Laser and 1310nm PIN photodetector
Up to 20 km transmission on SMF
+3.3V single power supply
LVPECL-compatible data input/output interface
Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
Compatible with RoHS
Compatible with SFF8472

Ethernet Channel Speed: 1.25 GB/s
Fibre Channel Speed: 1.06 Gb/s
Form Factor: SFP (BiDi)
Mode: Single Mode
Supported Distance: 20km
Wavelength: 1310nm / 1550nm
Optical Eye Diagram: IEEE 802.3z and ANSI Fibre Channel Compatible
Input Differential Impendence (Min) (Max): 90, 110 Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential (Min) (Max): 500, 2400 mV
Output differential impendence (Typ): 100 Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential (Min) (Max): 370, 2000 mV
Supply Voltage (Min) (Max): 3.15, 3.45 V
Operating Case Temperature (Min) (Max): 0, 70 ℃
Voltage: 3-15 ~ 3.45 V
Bias Current: 10 ~ 80 mA
Tx Power: -9 ~ -3 dBm
Rx Power: -26~-3 dBm

Cudy 1.25Gbps BIDI SFP Optical Transceiver 20Km DDM x1
Installation Guide x1