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Denon DCD-600NE & Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Package - Silver

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Denon DCD-600NE & Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Package - Silver


This Stereo Package includes 

1 x Denon DCD-600NE Silver

1 x Denon PMA-600NE Silver

AL32 Processing and Ultra Precision 192kHz/32bit D/A Converter Extended disc support for your audio collection

Impeccable sound engineering with carefully selected and rigorously tested HiFi parts

Vibration-resistant design with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction

Circuitry with minimized signal paths

Thoughtfully designed audio and digital circuits

Pure Direct Mode

Engineered with a more than 100-year Denon legacy in audio excellence.

1 x Denon PMA-600NE : 

Designed for the aspiring music enthusiast, the Denon PMA-600NE is the superior choice for those who want to build their first 2-channel Hi-Fi system.

The PMA-600NE allows for the most vivid and emotional reproduction of vinyl and hi-res audio with digital inputs and a built-in phono equalizer. Listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth as well for seamless streaming of nearly unlimited songs.

From deep bass to detailed highs, enjoy your favourite high-resolution audio content with the 192kHz/24bit D/A converter. At 70 Watts (4ohm, 1kHz, THD: 0.7%) per channel, the PMA-600NE supplies enough power to drive your speakers for optimal sound. Connect the PMA-600NE to your favourite components with the two Optical and one Coaxial digital input.