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Eufy HomeBase S380 (HomeBase 3)

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Eufy HomeBase S380 (HomeBase 3)


  • Effortless Recognition, Every Time: BionicMind Empowers your home security with 99.9% facial recognition accuracy, ensuring a welcoming experience for friends and family while keeping unwelcome visitors at bay with smart AI tracking.
  • Seamless Security Ecosystem: Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your entire home with a unified system, as HomeBase 3 connects all compatible eufy Security devices through the intuitive eufy Security app, featuring Expandable Local Storage, No Monthly Fee.
  • Uncompromised Privacy Protection: Rest easy knowing personal data is shielded with dual-layered AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption, accessible only by the user for ultimate privacy, bolstered by the intelligence of BionicMind.
  • Proactive Intruder Deterrence: Stay ahead of security breaches with HomeBase 3's 100dB alarm siren, automatically triggered by AI tracking motion detection from connected eufy Security devices for an immediate response.
  • Smart Storage without the Fees: Save on additional costs with 16GB of inbuilt storage, Expandable Local Storage, No Monthly Fee, to a massive 16TB, ensuring ample space for all security footage with zero monthly fees.


Edge Security, A New Era of Home Protection

BionicMind Recognition

BionicMind differentiates family and strangers with facial recognition. Accurate up to 99%.

Expand Your Local Storage

Store videos on HomeBase 3 with up to 16TB of expandable storage on a portable hard drive.

Centralized Security

Manage your entire security ecosystem from one central location with HomeBase 3.



Device Quantity : At most 16 cameras
and 34 sensors.

Compatible with all eufyCam models, eufy Battery Doorbells (except E8213), and eufy Sensors.


Expandable storage, support hard drive storage

Video Storage Type : Video clips
24/7 video recording (wired IndoorCam and OutdoorCam)

Storage backup, USB drive required

Self-Learning Algorithm

Facial Recognition

Human Detection

Vehicle Detection

Pet Detection

LAN Port: 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps

USB Port: 2 (for charging and data data transfer)

SATA Port: 1 (for hard drive connection)

CPU: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55

Siren: Yes (100dB)

Operating Temperature: 14°F - 122°F (-10°C - 50°C)

AES-128 + RSA-1024 Encryption