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Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

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Eufy Security SmartTrack Link


  • Works with Apple Find My:Just use the pre-installed Find My app and add SmartTrack Link to the Items tab. You can then locate it anywhere in the world using Apple's network of millions of devices.
  • Find Your Phone in Silent Mode:¬†Avoid tearing up your apartment searching for your phone. With just a double tap, your phone rings‚ÄĒeven in silent mode.
  • Free Left-Behind Alerts:¬†Avoid losing your belongings in the first place with instant left-behind alerts via the eufy Security app‚ÄĒwith no added fee.
  • Always Linked to Your Item:¬†If something's lost, you're always connected via Link's QR code. A person who finds your item can scan and see only the contact information you share.
  • Share with Friends and Family:¬†With the eufy Security app you can let others know the location of your items too.
  • You Can't Miss the Alarm:¬†Link sounds an alarm so loud, you can hear it if it's covered or in the next room.
  • Water Resistant with a Replaceable CR2032 Battery:¬†Link is safe‚ÄĒeven if it's left in the rain‚ÄĒwith its water-resistant coating. And it comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to a year.


Works with Apple Find My

Add SmartTrack Link to the Items tab on the Find My app, and locate it anywhere worldwide via your iPhone or iPad.

Note: Apple Find My features only work if used with an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device.

Keep track of anything that you or your family constantly forget for free! Find keys, bags, dolls, backpacks, luggage, and more.


Silent Mode Unmuted

Even if your phones in silent mode, you just need to double-tap Link to get your phone to ring.

Get Alerts For Free

Give yourself several less things to worry about with left-behind alerts that dont cost extra.

Share QR Code Link

If someone finds your lost item, they can find your preferred contact method via a QR code.

Share Items Locations 

Easily allow friends and family to track your items too.

Built In Privacy 

Your privacy is a priority. Your locations and data is ananymous