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Eufycam 2 Pro + Eufy Motion Sensors + Eufy Solar Panels Bundle

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Eufycam 2 Pro + Eufy Motion Sensors + Eufy Solar Panels Bundle


2K Resolution
A Year's Security from 1 Charge
Zero Hidden Costs
2.6W Power
Motion Detection
Adjustable Wall Mount



Introducing the Eufy Eufycam 2 Pro Kit With 2x Motion Sensor And 2x Solar Panels Bundle an all-encompassing home security solution that combines cutting-edge technology, enhanced surveillance capabilities, and sustainable energy efficiency. This comprehensive package ensures your property is safeguarded around the clock, seamlessly integrating the powerful EufyCam 2 Pro cameras with motion sensors and solar panels for an unparalleled security experience.

The EufyCam 2 Pro cameras, renowned for their crystal-clear 2K resolution, advanced AI-powered features, and comprehensive coverage, are now complemented by the inclusion of two motion sensors. This strategic addition enhances your security setup by providing extended detection range and precision, ensuring that every movement around your property is promptly identified and recorded.

Say goodbye to battery concerns with the two included solar panels, which effortlessly harness solar energy to power your EufyCam 2 Pro cameras. This eco-friendly solution not only eliminates the need for frequent battery changes but also ensures uninterrupted surveillance even in low-light conditions. Enjoy a sustainable and hassle-free approach to home security.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the wireless design of the EufyCam 2 Pro cameras and the user-friendly setup of the motion sensors and solar panels. Achieve optimal camera placement, customize motion sensor sensitivity, and rest easy knowing that your entire security system is seamlessly integrated for maximum efficiency.

The EufyCam 2 Pro Kit with 2x Motion Sensor and 2x Solar Panels Bundle boasts advanced security features, including 2K resolution, AI-powered human detection, and enhanced night vision. Stay connected and in control through the Eufy Security app, offering real-time access to camera feeds, customizable alerts, and effortless management of your security settings.

Invest in a comprehensive and future-proof home security solution with the EufyCam 2 Pro Kit with 2x Motion Sensor and 2x Solar Panels Bundle where innovation, extended surveillance capabilities, and sustainable energy come together to provide the ultimate peace of mind for your home.



EufyCam 2 Pro

  • 2K Resolution
  • A Year's Security from 1 Charge
  • Zero Hidden Costs
  • Advanced Night Vision
  • IP67 weatherproof-rating
  • 100% Wire-Free
  • Smart Image Enhancement
  • Human Detection
  • Activity Zones
  • Speak directly to anyone who approaches your home via two-way audio.
  • Smart Integration
  • Advanced Encryption
  • HomeBase acts as a Wi-Fi repeater which boosts the signal to the cameras, extending the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network

Eufy Solar Panel Charger

  • Designed for all EufyCams
  • 2.6W Power
  • IPX5
  • Solar-powered continuous charging
  • Anti-dust
  • 4m Cable
  • Easy to install
  • Winder

Eufy Motion Sensor

  • Motion Detection
  • Adjustable Wall Mount
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Homebase detection Alert
  • Extensive Coverage



EufyCam 2 Pro
Resolution  :  2K
Field Of View  :  140-degree
Battery Life  :  1-Year
Weather Proof  :  IP67
AI  :  Human Detection Face Detection
Spotlight  :  No
Anti-Theft  :  Yes
Video Storage :   16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage
Storage Expansion  :  Not supported
Monthly Fee   : No

Eufy Solar Panel Charger
Power  :  2.6w
Type  :  Solar Panel Charger
Colour  :  Black
Brand  :  Eufy
Cable Length  :  4m
Water Rating  :  IPX5
Compatible  :  All EufyCams

Eufy Motion Sensor
Detects Radius  :  100 degrees
Detects Range  :  Up to 30 feet
Colour  : White



  • 2x Eufycam 2 Pro
  • 2x Solar Panels
  • 2x Motion Sensor
  • 1x Home Base