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Inakustik REFERENCE NF 1204 Air XLR Audio Cable - 1m Pair

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Inakustik REFERENCE NF 1204 Air XLR Audio Cable - 1m Pair

With audio connections between individual devices, the cable capacities play a key role. As the signal sources have very low levels and are rather sensitive to high cable capacities, audio cables are perfect candidates to air insulation using the Air Helix technology. For the Referenz NF-1204 Air, we have developed an entirely new and fully solderless RCA-connector design. It comprises several parts that are assembled only during the manufacture process. First, just like with the speaker cable, the highly-pure copper wires of the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide are mechanically stripped from their thin lacquer coating; then, the tellurium-copper connector pin is crimped onto the wire at a 1.5-t pressure. Another innovation is the shield bonding, which is hermetically sealed using a screw.

Air Helix structure
Extremely low capacities thanks to air dielectric
Cross Link Super Speed waveguide
Tellurium-copper connectors
Directly crimped connectors (1.5 T pressure)

Hermetic ground connection
Rhodium-coated plugs
The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
Diameter: about 13mm
special assemblies on request