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Inakustik STAR Standard Speed HDMI 2.0b Cable - Black

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Inakustik STAR Standard Speed HDMI 2.0b Cable - Black

Standard HDMI 2.0b Cable with Ethernet for Transfer Ultra HD Signals 10.0 m in Black 2160p - 4K 25/30Hz - Audio Return Channel - HD Audio

The high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet (from 5.0 m standard HDMI cable with Ethernet) from the in-akustik Star series supports all HD audio formats and a resolution up to 2160p 4k (from 5.0 m 1080p Full HD). 24k gold-plated connectors for optimal contact. It is suitable for connecting digital AV components such as DVD, Blu-ray player or game console e.g. with a plasma, LCD, LED TV or projector.
Connects your laptop, game station, Blu-ray player to your LCD/plasma/LED or smart TV
Star quality: the best introduction in world of images and sounds: the in-acoustic class for aspiring beginners. Always suitable. More performance at low prices. The demand for sound and picture comfort. All speaker cables are made in Germany (made in Germany).
Physics instead of Voodoo – this is what in-akustik has been important in the development and production of cables since 1977. Lazy magic is not our thing - physics already! Our results are not only subjective, but also measurably exceptionally clear and clean - thanks to the highest quality materials and cable constructions. Our task in signal transmission is to reduce losses to a minimum. For the perfect picture and sound enjoyment