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Klipsch PRO-12SW-LS Outdoor Landscape Subwoofer - Each - Metallic Brown

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Klipsch PRO-12SW-LS Outdoor Landscape Subwoofer - Each - Metallic Brown


For large outdoor spaces, the Pro-12SW-LS landscape subwoofer utilizes its subterranean design to produce earth-shaking low frequencies while seamlessly disappearing into any landscape environment. Built to withstand any weather, from any region, your yard will transform into an all-season amphitheater.


High performance outdoor audio
12‚ÄĚ IMG woofer
Dual voice coil design for great sounding 70V
All-weather durability
Subterranean design



Frequency Range  -  34Hz - 100Hz +/- 3dB 29Hz - 110Hz +/- 6dB 25Hz - 125Hz +/- 10dB
System Type  -  Band Pass Full Burial
Woofer  -  12" (30.48cm) IMG Dual Voice Coil
Sensitivity  -  90 dB
Power Handling  -  250W
Impedance  -  70V @ 300W (Transformerless) 8 Ohm Stereo 4 Ohm Mono
Speaker Enclosure  -  Canopy: Rustproof, UV Resistant Aluminum Cabinet: Heavy Duty, High Impact Polyethylene
Finish  -  Canopy: Metallic Brown, Paintable Cabinet: Matte Black, Paintable
Product Dimensions¬† -¬† 25‚ÄĚ x 16.14‚ÄĚ x 26.42‚ÄĚ (635mm x 410mm x 671mm)
Weight  -  55 lbs (25 kg)
Built From  -  2016