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KRK Systems Rokit 7 Protective Monitor Grill - Black (Pair)

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KRK Systems Rokit 7 Protective Monitor Grill - Black (Pair)



You put a lot of time and effort into your music, and KRK ROKIT G4 Studio Monitors are an investment into that dedication. Fortunately, you can protect them with the stylish ROKIT G4 Grille Covers made specifically for ROKIT G4 series. These grilles are made with premium components and built to spec insuring a seamless integration into the monitor’s cabinetry system itself. The form factor of these stylish monitor accessories have been tested not only for solid protection against all elements, but also to ensure that no frequencies are hindered by their use. Durably crafted perforated steel is the defense mechanism in place from anything getting between the monitor’s drivers and your environment. Whether you’re a producer on the move creating tracks in different places, a touring DJ, or in need of protection against whatever alien-intruders you fight off in your studio, ROKIT G4 Grille Covers will have you protected.



Fits the Rokit 7 Generation 4 Series Monitor
Made with top grade 22-Gauge Powder Coated Perforated Steel
Precisely designed to seamlessly integrate into the ROKIT G4 monitor’s cabinetry system
Couples to the cabinet with super-high strength magnets made with rare-earth element alloy
Stylishly creates an effective shield protecting the monitor’s drivers