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Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean Record & Stylus Cleaner Putty

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Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean Record & Stylus Cleaner Putty

Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean is a high-tech compound that offers a quick and convenient, yet gentle and efficient, way to clean your precious vinyl records and other sensitive phono equipment.

Vinyl Clean's special, patented composition allows for in-depth cleaning of vinyl records by reaching into the record groove and removing unwanted dust and debris. It also removes built-up impurities from a cartridge stylus when placed gently on the diamond. It works by encapsulating harmful impurities inside the compound, but the cleverest part is that it does all this without leaving any residue

- For better sound and longer life of your record 
- Cleans records and cartridges 
- Absorbs dust and other harmful particles 
- Leaves no residues 
- Mildly removes deep seated dirt 
- Reusable multiple times 
- Color chart indicates when to replace Vinyl Clean 
- Based on natural ingredients