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PROCAB ACM120 Self adhesive cable tie mount - 20 x 20 mm - White

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PROCAB ACM120 Self adhesive cable tie mount - 20 x 20 mm - White


This Procab ACM120/W cable tie holder is ideal for organising all the cables that run to and from your light and sound installation. Unlike cable clips, cable tie holders actually guide bundles of multiple cables securely along a specific route. If you want to run some cables along a wall, for instance, then it's a good idea to bundle them together first with cable ties or tie wraps. The bundle itself, however, is still loose. So, when you want to secure this bundle to the wall (either horizontally or vertically), that's where these self-adhesive cable tie holders come in.


How do cable tie holders work?

Stick these Procab cable tie holders to the wall or any flat surface area you want your cables to run along. Feed a cable tie or tie wrap through the cable tie holder before you use it to fasten the cable bundle. Your cables will now be securely fastened by the cable tie holders, and will follow the route you've created. These Procab ACM120/W cable tie holders are white and measure 20 x 20 mm. They're suitable for cable ties and tie wraps up to 5 mm wide.


  • Sustainable product : not specified
  • Type of cable binder : other