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Vogel's PUC 1030 Ceiling plate turn and tilt

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 Vogel's PUC 1030 Ceiling plate turn and tilt

The PUC 1030 ceiling plate is a part of the modular Connect-it system with which you can create your own ceiling solution for small- to medium-sized displays.

This ceiling plate is suitable for flat and inclined ceilings (up to 90°). Combine this ceiling plate with one of the poles from the Connect-it Series (PUC 2108, PUC 2115, PUC 2130, PUC 2308, PUC 2315 or PUC 2330) and a Connect-it interface (PFI 3010, PFI 3020, PFI 3030 or PFI 3040) for a complete ceiling solution.

 Specifications For PUC 1030 Ceiling plate turn and tilt

Article number - 7210304
Colour - Silver
Series - Connect-it
TÜV certified - Yes - 
Turn - Up to 360°
Professional features - Fischer inside
Tilt - Tilt up to 90°
Max. weight load (kg) - 30
Ceiling plate options - Flat / inclined 0-90°